How May I Give?

It is Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Center’s desire to be inclusive and accommodate our donors by providing options for giving. There are several different opportunities to contribute financially to this important campaign. You may pledge now in full or have the option of spreading your gift over 3 years. Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Center is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization and your gift is tax deductible. You are encouraged to contact a qualified, professional advisor to determine the full tax benefits of your gift.


A cash gift is the simplest form of support for the CHRC Campaign. Cash gifts may include currency, checks, bank drafts, electronic fund transfers, money orders or credit cared payment online utilizing PayPal.


The Campaign will accept gifts of readily marketable securities and will incur the costs relative to their disposal. All securities will be sold upon receipt. A gift of appreciated securities may offer tax advantages to the donor. Gifts of non-marketable securities such as limited partnership interest, private company stocks or bonds, etc. may only be accepted upon review by the Capital Campaign Committee to determine its marketability and subsequent approval by Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Centers’ Board of Directors. The donor may be asked to obtain an independent appraisal to determine the value of the gift.

Real Estate

A gift to the campaign of real estate (defined as land and/or buildings) that has appreciated in value may offer tax advantages to the donor. It is important that the property be transferred directly to Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Center prior to its sale. The Capital Campaign Committee will review each gift to determine its marketability and ensure there is no corresponding liability with acceptance of the property.

Gifts in Kind

All such fits to the Campaign must include a description of the gift and an estimate of the fair market value.

Matching Gifts

If you work for a company that will match your gift, you can double the impact of your contribution for the benefits of the new Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Center facility. Please investigate the details of a matching gift with your Corporate Human Resources Department.